*SOLD* WTS FACTION FORT: 'Draccous' Fortizar in Jita 4-4

Good day folks,

Want to sell this faction ‘Draccous’ Fortizar I’ve had sitting in Jita 4-4:

  • Replaces the Amarr Manufacturing Outpost
  • Only 398 will ever exist
  • Named for “Draccous Station”, the first ever Amarr Outpost in New Eden
  • Draccous Station was built by the EVE Defense Force corp of the Ascendant Frontier alliance in 0OYZ-G

Standard Fortizar bonuses plus manufacturing bonuses:

  • 25% bonus to all structure combat rig effects
  • 25% reduction in citadel and engineering service module fuel consumption
  • 15% reduction in time requirements for manufacturing jobs
  • 3% reduction in ISK requirements for manufacturing jobs
  • 20% bonus to the rate of fire and capacitor consumption of Standup Burst Projectors and Guided Bomb Launchers

Looking for someone to start off the offers, looking for 60B, willing to hear offers over 52B

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They are cheaper on market than your starting price.

That price is a suggestion, secondly only 1 is below it maybe he needs isk, and congrats on free bump with obvious information without an offer. Very helpful.

Looking for customers that realize the rising value of faction forts since wwb2.

Please don’t crap up this thread with irrelevant statements having 0 evidence, all you poors are giving free bumps so thank you and you’re welcome to go back to orca mining in hi sec.

See my last post, please don’t crap up a sales thread with irrelevancy.

Also you must not get the “I would like to” part so please study English.

Bump the last one on market for 58.990B sold dunno what the haters be hating about.
The last 2 sales are at 58.960 and 58.990

Bump still for sale

I’m interested, can you mail me in-game?

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Will do, first offer is in folks at 50B

High bid is 52B by in-game mail 60B takes it ASAP

Sold at 55B thanks folks, mods please lock this one when ya get a moment

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