WTS dread/fax alt 35m

Revelation perfect pilot.
Apostle pilot
Specialized toon

35 mil sp

mid grade slave pod

price 35b


28b bid

just gonna ignore that offer.


bump o

28.5bn B/O. Pilot only has Surgical Strike Lv 4 which is a critcal skill therefore, pilot does need to some to be done before it can be a perfect dread pilot.

can inject it, has free sp. offer rejected.

But the whole point is buying a “perfect char” which the pilot isnt, i would offer more but, surgical strike is needed for a dread pilot so thats 1m sp needed and then you need Control burst lv 5 as its a rev so cap heavy, thats another 400k SP

sure, thanks for expert advice, and again your offer is too low. so look elsewhere


30b offer, isks are ready to be sent.

nope, too low.

can we talk ingame?

sure, convo me now.

toon is good but defnetly not a perfect rev pilot
same coutns for apostle you need soem criticaly skills trained before you are even close to that

because of the time involved training those skills
that is why i will offer 20

which character should I convo?

ur an idiot, go spam some other thread

32.5b buyout accepted from Trading for. waiting for isk and acc info.

32.5b and the account info sent. Thank you.

Transfer started using PLEX, support ticket created now and waiting on CCP now. will update with news