WTS Early 2006 totally new character -Never used

New toon old stock --never played him. Please make offers

4 remaps available: Yearly remap + 3 additional remaps …sec status 0.0 totally unused character.


3 bil

4 bil offer

4B offer acknowledged but not really worth even transferring for such a low amount. Hopefully more bids come in.

i can do 5b, let me know

5b offer acknowledged


daily bump

This is a new and clean character 2006 guys …I’ve seen them go for upwards of 15b in the past. I’m not expecting that but goodness 5b is a bit crazy.

crazy times my man :wink:

bumping … Brand new pilot guys 2006 (old toon) never used!

How about a price my friend, might get things moving

I would let him go for 10b which is 25 - 50% off from other auctions I’ve seen for similar toons over the years. Would that be agreeable to you Tessa?

meet in the middle?

Looking for 10b on this toon guys. Anything less isn’t really worth even doing the character transfer.

bumping this for today… Looking for 10b on this toon.

bumping. I am looking for 10b for this toon

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