WTS Elite Industry Toon 198mill SP


I won’t wax lyrical about how amazing this toon is for just about everything indy, … go take a look and see for yourself! He also can mission run, fly jf’s etc etc he is almost the full package.

As one must do I should inform you he has no kill rights

Positive isk balance

No clones in 0.0

Currently located in Isikano

I already have a starting bid in game of 170bill

High BO of 210 (I really don’t need to sell except for an exceptional offer)

Hidden Reserve xxx

Auction will end in 14 days time.

Nice toon, Dr Caymus would probably even be impressed!

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I do believe I am allowed one of these per day so a little bumpage

Daily bumpaaaaage…

Bumpety bump bump BUMP!!!

Daily homage at the temple of bumpage…


Boomp Boomp…


162 bil


166 bil


168 bil



Do not sell for 170b toon is worth much more and is a isk printer…

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Thanks for the bump good sir… and you are right of course :slight_smile:

Daily bump, no serious bids yet and will take the toon down in a couple of days if there’s no real interest.

Okey Dokey due to unpopular demand this toon is withdrawn from sale :slight_smile: Thanks for those who did bid though!