WTS 74.6mil Combat Focused Toon

Selling My self, so as the title says, this toon is mainly focused in combat skills, 74.6 million skill points, as you will see via my Eve Skill Board. https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Commander_Massive_LayZorz

No kill rights against it, NPC corp, located in Amarr with Genolution Implants and a Jump Clone located in null with mid Slave implants, posititve wallet.

65Bil ISK.

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20b …


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50 bil?

@jvar It’s roughly 500-750mil isk per 1 million skill points, you math is a little off.

706.6 Million per 1 million skill points puts my bit at 53 Billion. Good for 4 hours

55 Bill

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60b for 24h

canceled bid

Are you still wanting to buy the toon?

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58B for 24h

higher bid comes
I bid 59B
isk is ready to sent.

You cancelled your 60Bil bid which I was about too and still would say yes too, but no to 59.