66m Combat Sub Cap Toon

Selling Myself - Awesome Name i sure you’ll agree

Very decent skills for sub cap ships and decent gunnery and missile skills to boot.



Positive Wallet
In NPC Corp
Located in Jita
No kill Rights
6 Jump clones 4 availiable 2 with mid grades that buyer can chose to delete or keep

Start 45b
Buyout 68b


59 billion


BUMP- Back In Business – Lets See Them Bids

60 bill


Daily Bump going to add a buyout - will end with highest bid in 1 day

62 bill

day gone by

I’ll give you 62.5 if he hasn’t got back to you yet

Accepting Limited Viablility offer of 62.5b

isk and account details sent

Toon Sent , Enjoy xD

I Will :slight_smile:

Hah, All these toons will be extracted to be a stupid char without enough brain.
It’s diifcult for me to buy one satisfied gunney char. It seems there are a few players here.

I would have bid more but I’m USTZ. Wish you waited a bit longer.