Wts 62 m toon

hello guys!!! I am for sale today!!!
I am not perfect pilot but I hope smbd love me, and I find new home.
I am in high sec in npc corp.
have positive wallet and I don’t have kill right.
I can launch missles and fly on caldary and galente ships.
idk how much I can cost lets start from 45 bill
if smbd can help with BO it will be perfect because I am really don’t know.

will see. thx for bump

what you mean?

I am going to roll the dice on this one. Sending isk and account info based on deal made in game.

accepted 47.5b

isk and account info sent

got isk doing transfer now

No character yet. Guy disappeared from discord after I sent the isk. Filing ticket with CCP.

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@ISD_Eshtir please close pending investigation.

This is nuts. So many scams lately. The bazaar is like a minefield atm.

Closing thread. Pending GM investigation