WTS 74.6mil Combat Focused Toon


Daily bump.

Bump Daily.

Bumping daily, bumidty bump.

55b B/O

60bil is as low as I’m prepared to sell this toon for, thanks for the offer though.

I would have done 60 but bud that was almost a week ago. How are you going to sell a char that you never reply on?

You make a good point, I rarely check it as it doesn’t get many offers, if you change your mind I will check more regularly.



i offer 60b

Sold. PM in game on where to transfur the character and will start once I have received the isk.

Toon not sold, isk never came through, back up for sale, daily bump.

sorry,i cancel

Toon still for sale as user canceld bid.

60b offer.


61b offer。

@Cez_McNez Are you still wanting to buy this toon?

im sorry too late.cancer my offer