Wts etana - 350B sell order

WTS ETANA (bpc or hull)

Location: Jita 4-4

This is a sell order price is set for 350B

I don’t care about your opinions that is my price :heart:

200 bill

no daily bumps , not even one , am thinking this seller didnt have an Etana !!

its back up

again , 200bill offered

How was jail?

dont believe anything you say , theres no other prisioners in solitary confinement

nor is there anyone ingame that is insane enuff to offer 250 bill

but incase there is one rich beestard i can up my over generous offer of 251 bill and thats all my liquid so get back to me quick and dont play me off with theoffer guy who cant be named in this sale (right here)

p.s. i like to talk :)))

I recently traded my hull for 300b in AT ship hull + ISK value so 250b is reasonable for sure.

bump up

up :rocket:

upup :rocket:

stil valid

up up up

Mail sent

one etana left for sell @ 350