WTS Ultra Rare: Etana BPC

Going to put out one of the rarest items that currently exist in Eve Online: Etana BPC


9 dead, with SOMER gone, tons of other people perma ““afk”” :wink: and 12 years past the creation the etana as a ship has likely less then 10 in circulation and as BPC this is likely the last.

Think generous if you want to acquire this piece of EVE History - it might become handy one day :slight_smile:

Best DM ingame - o7


Hi [Seed
Do you have fiend or imp BPC?

Ive sent you an evemail

o7 - plenty of mails answered.

Note on all the trade offers: Please state what you valuate your BPC/BPOs/Items at. Im mostly interested in plain good ol ISK.

Current offers are in the range of 5xxb isk. Consider new bits starting with at least a 6 :wink:

Enjoy the news about CONCORD beeing generous this year.

The timing on this is genuinely unreal

Adding a buyout: 1T ISK.

C/O in the 600s.

sunday, funday :sun_with_face:

pump it up

a fine item for fine collectors.