Hey there,
I would like to sell these skins for triglavian ships since I don’t fly them and will never do.

i have Leshak, Vedmak, and Kikimora skins and each one is 10 bil.

Yes, it’s overpriced. Im not selling those bcause of my personal isk need … All isk will be use for donation . Amount of isk top of the market price will be count as your share of donation for an institution in EvE that grows new pilots into PVP from day 1.

Skins are a kind of memory for me from the last invasion tour… And I would prefer to sell these skins to someone who would like to join but couldn’t make it… But love the skins and would like to have and use it … I think this could be a good way to make these internet pixels meaningful for them too as well as for me to use them for good cause.

I don’t know… if you are teethy trader and just after profit don’t waste your time in this post. ISk will go for community on focuse and non-profit institution.
Price is not open for discussion also you can find in the market a bit cheaper.

So please post is only for the pilots who has care about the community and would like to contribute something good.

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