WTS Netherworld Striker permanent skins

I have one each:

Kikimora Netherworld Striker SKIN

Leshak Netherworld Striker SKIN

Vedmak Netherworld Striker SKIN

For reference:
Evepraisal - Appraisal 11i351: 3.19 Billion Buy / 15.1 Billion Sell

As a reminder, SKINS can be activated remotely, so you don’t have to carry them around, or travel to where I am holding them.

I will ask for a quadrillion PLEX, and you will ask for the skins for free. Then we eventually come to an agreement and you get one, two, or three brand-new, unused skins.

There are currently 6 Leshak, 4 Vedmak, and 3 Kikimora skins of this type listed for sale in Jita(edit: or Perimeter), and none anywhere else that I can see. Take this chance to add 1 or more of them to your collection, or just pick the one triglav ship you prefer to fly, and fly it in style.

The enemy can destroy your Kiki, but they can never take away your stunning Netherworld Striker skin.

Send me a message here or in-game if interested.

1b for leshak

Those were from invasion tour right ? Netherland / Amsterdam … i dont know if they gave same set in other countries too

I think they are, though I got mine a different way. There was an in-person player tournament during the tour, and CCP ran a brackets contest so other players could try to guess who would win each match-up. I guessed right for the first round, and got these skins as part of the reward.

I’m glad that you’re interested, but there is a 3B buy order in Perimeter right now. Was hoping for something between buy + sell for any of these 3 skins.

Oh? Thought that was only a 950m buy order

Unless evemarketer is broken again, it’s up for 3B. I’d gladly sell the Kiki and Leshak ones for 4B, Vedmak for 3B.

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