[WTS] Excellent Ore Miner + Ice Harvester + T2 Drones 15.2mil SP

Pasword : 777

Awesome if you want to mine or harvest Ice see below. Optimized for ice harvesting !
Has also some processing skills.

Highlights :

Exhumers V
Astrogeology V
Ice harvesting V
Reprocessing V
Mining V
Mining upgrades IV
Ice harvesting drone operation V
Ice harvesting II V

T2 Drones
T2 Mining Drones ( needs 1h more skill training only )
T2 ice harvesting drones

Navigation V
Industry V

Neural Re-map 1
No kill rights
Positive wallet
Positive Security Status

Slots 1-5 : Standard implants
Slot 6 : Gypsy CPU Management EE-603
Slot 10 : Yet ice harvesting implant IH-1005

Region location : Domain

Starting bid : 13b

14 bil b/o

Auction still open

Offer from Intriguing Stranger accepted ingame. Bids are closed

isk and account info sent

Isk received. Transfer begins

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