WTS Exclusive Alliance Tournament XIX Prize Ships!

Greetings, fellow capsuleers!

I am pleased to announce that I have recently come into possession of some exclusive Alliance Tournament prize ships, and I am now making them available for purchase to the EVE community.

Available Ships:

  1. Shapash - Price: 130 Billion ISK
  2. Cybele - Price: 250 Billion ISK


  • These ships are rare and highly sought after, originating from recent Alliance Tournament XIX.
  • Each ship is in perfect condition and ready for deployment.
  • I understand the significance of these vessels, and I am committed to a fair and transparent transaction.

Contact Information:
If you are interested in acquiring one of these prestigious ships, please contact me in-game via mail or reply to this forum thread. I am happy to answer any questions or provide additional details.

Terms of Sale:

  1. Payment is accepted in ISK only.
  2. Transactions will take place in high-sec space for the safety of both parties.
  3. Prices are non-negotiable.

Due to the limited nature of these ships, availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. Act fast to secure your piece of EVE history!

Thank you for considering this offer, and I look forward to doing business with you.

Fly safe,


Be careful dealing w/ this individual as these ships were acquired literally by scamming JUTSUs entire tournament winnings lol

Stolen good are supposed to be cheaper

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Could not agree more. Don’t buy from this seller.

ITT: people white knighting baltrom for being a moron and pressing funny button on a contract

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180b for cybele

95 each for as many Shapash as you have

100 shapash 200 cybele

ITT: everyone mad they didn’t think of doing it themselves

but I do gotta say the prices here aren’t competitive. Not unfair, but there’s already cheaper sellers.

235 for cybele

210B Cybele. Isk ready.

211b for cybele

contract me a cybele for 250B

throw me 1 of each.

shapash 110bn

Are these still available?

Greetings, esteemed capsuleers!

Exciting news echoes through the void of New Eden as I bring you an update on the exclusive Alliance Tournament prize ships. The EVE community’s response has been nothing short of spectacular, and I’m pleased to announce that all the Cybele ships have found new commanders in quick succession.

With the Cybeles now spoken for, only the majestic Shapash remains, standing as a testament to the rare treasures of Alliance Tournament XIX. This extraordinary ship, untouched and in perfect condition, awaits a brave pilot to guide it through the cosmos.

In response to the overwhelming interest and to express my gratitude to the EVE community, I am introducing a limited-time offer. The Shapash is now available at a discounted price of 130 Billion ISK. This reduction is my way of showing appreciation for the enthusiasm and dedication of the capsuleers who make New Eden the thriving universe it is.

The terms of sale remain transparent, with transactions continuing to take place in high-sec space for the safety and peace of mind of all involved. Act swiftly to secure this unique opportunity, as the availability of the Shapash is still on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you’re intrigued by the prospect of becoming the proud owner of the Shapash at the special discounted price, please reach out to me in-game via mail or reply to this forum thread. Any questions you may have or additional details you seek will be promptly addressed.

Thank you, fellow capsuleers, for your overwhelming support and interest in these exclusive vessels. I eagerly anticipate the possibility of conducting business with you and witnessing the Shapash continue its legendary journey under a new banner.

Fly safe,

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