WTS Expert Scanner/ Covert OPS V/ Freighter Pilot 29M SP

All Armor Skills Exept Capital to V
Scanning Skills V
Covert Ops V
Amarr Freighter IV
Amarr Battle Ship V
Cybernetics V/ Bio IV
Nav/ WDO/ AC V
Engineering Skills most important V
359k SP Unallocated

Bidding Starts on 26B
B/O 32B



Offer stands for 24hours

Oka sounds good, if i dont get a better offer before that, i probably will take it


retracted my offer

B/O Change to 31B, but i decided not to sell yet for 26B


27B B/O?

Highest bid so far if in around 30H no one offer higher i will take it.

Around last 10h going to sleep.

Hi send ISK and information for the transfer, as soon as i get them i will start transfer as soon as possible

ISK and mail sent

Transfer Proccess Started, you should be having it in around 10h thanks!

Info Confirmed, thanks for doing business.

Char received

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