Wts extracted Avatar pilot (Toon with injected skillbooks)

Looking for maybe 4.5-5 ?!? comes with the 5.1m sp

I’ll give you 3.8b tonight

A even 4 and deal I’ll put it in tonight?

yeah, ill do 4.

4b works, isk and account info please

This is an illegal character sale, no disclosures nor in an NPC corp as required by CCP’s character selling requirements found here: Welcome to the Character Bazaar

well hes been in a npc corp and i have no disclosures. positive wallet, blah blah.

You must disclose as per Section C of Welcome to the Character Bazaar

**1. Wallet balance. Positive

2. Kill rights None

3. Jump clones None

4. Character location. Jita

Anything else for the wannabe Gm?!?

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4.1b work?

Yea whatever works

4.3B maybe?

Okay perfect you let me know to send isk and I’ll send and give account name

I’ll be home in a couple hours

I’m on all night. Just msg when ready.

Ready when you are

Okay if you accept I will send over isk and account name

yes i accept

Awesome sending isk and account name now

isk recived, trasnfer started