WTS extracted toon - 5,4 mil sp left- Perfect starter pvp skills (a few days train and you can extract again) -Canceled

All CCP rules apply
I will pay transfer
Positive wallet
No kill rights
Positive standings

Starting bid 3 bil
BO - make one

Eveboard - http://eveboard.com/pilot/Goofy_Goose

eveskill board - http://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Goofy_Goose

He only has 5,4 mil SP.

wasn’t paying attention. Goofy is for sale…

Dung beetle walks in to a bar and asks… is this stool taken ?? :joy::rofl:


Put the

link please

Done, didn’t know about it, so thanks

its new tool.

Nice char.

still for sale

2,5 bil

Thanks, but not going to go below 3.

No real offers yet, so withdrawing sale as it is almost at 5,5 mil sp now and I may as well extract them and put the sale back up in a day with 5mil sp.

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