WTS Extremely Rare DUST 514 ammo - Orbital Hybrid S

I have some extremely rare Dust 514 ammo that was removed from the game along with the demise of Dust 514.

Please contact me if you wish to purchase it for your collection.

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1b offer

I can contract you some in game - private contract ok? It’s located in Jita 4-4

@Boris_Agnon Contract completed. Thank you for the business.

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How is this rare? Pretty sure I have a few stockpiles in my assets

How is this rare? Pretty sure I have a few stockpiles in my assets

I just needed to complete my collection :wink:

Check your assets. If they were in a station or anything, they all got turned into Small Hybrid Antimatter S.

The only way (like me) that could keep the asset before the purge, was had it preloaded in a ship’s gun, that way CCP didn’t remove the item.

Still have a few units for sale. Please message me in game if you are interested.

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Still for sale.

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Any further interest?


The Museum offers 500 mil for a few(?) of these.

I’m glad the Museum has acquired one of these items for their collection so it may be preserved :slight_smile:

I have 5 units remaining for sale in Jita 4-4.

Price (minimum) is 500mil isk per unit. Price may rise as I run out of the items or people put in higher bids.

The ammo was used for : https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Dust_514:_Orbital_Bombardment

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:parrot::parrotbeer::parrotcop::parrotdad::parrotmustache::parrotsleep::parrotwave1::parrotwave2::parrotwave3::parrotwave4::parrotwave5: Still a few units for sale in Jita.