WTS Faction Munition Mega Package all Races - True Sansha , Dread Guristas , Dark Blood and much more


Hi there…

me opened an high stack on Munition Crates, and im willing to sale the result , here my offer:


Many estimated prices on this list are much higher in live market, the average price moves higher and higher every day.

This munition is very rare and the price will go up, because the most Munition Crates are allready get sold…so here is an high stack once for sale.

Sale price is over 12 billions atm, you can check it yourself.

So make me offers please. / No direct trades, Just per contract, safe for both sites, or make me offer with an safe way.

Location: Jita 4 - 4

Minimum Bid is: 8 billion

Buyout 9,5b

Time: Depends on offer…

8 bill

8.5 bil

Thx for the bids.

A little bid more to direction 10 and it will go to new owner…

o/ Fly safe

Bid Recieved ingame

9b is now the highest bid

Anyone intrested on an buyout of 10b ?

daily bumb…


Buyout now 9,5b

first comes, first draws…

bumb to the top … daily more worth…

bumb up … 9,5b buyout

still hanging in there at 8.5 lmk

How much for all True Sansha/Dark Blood ammo

me is selling all together in one pack.

@Electric_Worry im going to accept your offer in a few hours, if no one bids more, the other bids are not confirmed again, so give them a chance, and if they dont want it, you ca have it for 8,5b.

Is that ok ?

That’s fine. I’m currently traveling and probably will not be able to accept the contract until tomorrow afternoon. Put the contract up and I’ll accept. Thanks!

contract is going up in 5minutes…thx for buying

accepted, thanks

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