wts https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Yondu_Snape pass 1234
*no kill rights
*npc corp
*+ wallet
Revelation skills in training
t2 triage Apostle pilot
Want serous offers only please!!!

28 bil

bump please almost there!!!

30 bil

if this is the highest bid by this evening its yours

its 10 : am my time by 8:30 pm
10.5 hours from now just due to me having to go to work.

roger, waiting for your go

Withdraw my offer, got a better offer

Thank you for letting me know!!!

bump still for sale!!!

Bumppo lets get this Toon in someones hands that is going to put it to use!!!


bumping up to the top!! still for sale!!

25b bid

bump please

30b? Will that do it?

are you on now?

Yes I am

I need it sent to my other account though

convo in game please
On yondu please