WTS Fiend + Tiamat

Both have full abyssal fits, can be sold fit/not. Pricing for discussion:

Hulls (no fit):
Fiend: 480b
Tiamat: 300b

Both ships will be sold in continuous highsec, but not in Jita

Fiend fit: https://i.imgur.com/mFTlssZ.png
Tiamat fit: https://i.imgur.com/kT10P9q.png

Modules will only be sold after the sale of the ship its fitted to.

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I’ll pay 260 for the Tiamat.

sent you an evemail

I’ve been out of down for a while due to IRL. I’ve responded to all the mails i’ve received, apologies for the delay.

Price updated on Tiamat also fits added for both. Have had a few offers of 280-290 but nobody who seems to have the liquid on hand.

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