WTS Tiamat AT Ship :parrotdad:

WTS Tiamat hull only


Located Jita 4-4

Primarily looking for ISK but will consider trades

In game mail or message here if interested

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What price are you looking to get for it?

Responded to both of you via in game mail.

Bump! :aussiereversecongaparrot:


What price range were you think about?

Replied to everyone interested. Bump!

Also interested in price range.

I am also interested please, what would be your price range ?



Interested in price, but won’t be online for a few days so won’t be able to check in game

pm me for price

if you wouldn’t mind sending an eve mail with the price range ur looking at

@Davion_Reks Sent you an eve mail for when you get back online as I was away for a day also :slight_smile: @Free_Pod_Express @420_Booty_Master Sent you eve mails as well.

@Mrs_Tiamat Received the mail, though it didn’t say any price at all.

Sorry something must’ve bugged, resent mail.

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