WTS/WTT Mimir and WTT Tiamat for Tiamat

WTT my Tiamat 50+ jumps from Jita for your Tiamat in Jita.
Mimir - 300 bil

Will entertain offers over evemail only. Offers and discussions here will be ignored. All are on public contracts.


To the top.

Bump it up.

Only the Mimir remains on public contracts.


Get down.

Bump it again.

Le bump

Elite PVP

Economic Stimulus

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Isk Velocity


Down to the last Mimir.

Will entertain trade offers.


The new Mimirs will be different from the originals. Trust CCP!

Rarely seen and never flown.

Added crazy Tiamat trade. Tbh, I forgot I bought this one.

Stack em.

Complete your collection.