Best ESS spaceship :money_mouth_face:.


Sneak peak

trading for 136 killmark phant. the real best ESS ship


Trading for Tiamat :slight_smile:


B/o 430b. You can start bidding below ofc.

Also please note that this Ship does NOT come with an instruction manual. Safe driving advice is however, if wanted, included free of charge after a successful purchase :slight_smile:

Very decent offer. Sent you a mail ingame :slight_smile:

what makes you come to this conclusion?

Look at their post history. All they do is post offers above the sellers asking price and then never reply to mails or messages. Boring low effort trolling. No idea why they aren’t banned.


I meant my question twofold, not only what makes him think its a troll offer but also what makes him think i got baited :wink: .

Instead of jumping to conclusions, i want to promote an environment where low effort postings are frowned upon.

@Zahara_Cody, why don’t you next time shoot me an Eve-Mail and ask about wheter i got baited or not? What did my indicated Eve-Mail say? Did i include an issued contract? Did i eve-mailed “lmao clown get out of my face”? Why not elaborate why you think this is a bait offer? Is it maybe a mere typo from 4 to 5? Or an accident, offering in the wrong thread?

Whatever you decide to do in the future, i hope it will be more valuable contrary to dumping your conclusion onto other peoples threads. I hope you understand that your post was no better than the post from Achura. Be better next time.

A fit is also available for purchase, for pilots eager to press >undock<

380b offer

Thanks for the offer. :cowboy_hat_face:

Howdy, make love not war.

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Unless you’re a serious buyer I do not sell this beauty on Sisi.

@Nie_Momaki FYI, i sent you an eve mail.

That’s a troll poster, too.

you are a troll poster

Bump :slight_smile: I’d sell it at 430b liquid ISK.

350 offer good for 3 years**