Evepraisal: https://evepraisal.com/a/wydkt

Location: YF-P4X Tenerifis

Worth 41B Selling for 33B

Must purchase the whole thing.

Post here, DM, or Eve-mail me to claim.

Selling your stuff publicly that is sitting deep in sov null sec at above Jita buy isn’t going to happen.

You either sell just under Jita Buy value to the people who own the sov (or people blue to them), or you asset safety it, pay for it to get out of asset safety, then sell it at this price in low sec.


ty for the bump. I can move it but im lazy if someone want an easy 9B it’s there if not no worries!

“Easy 9b”… Well you are not only lazy but math isn’t ur strongest either :rofl:


It’s 5.6b but god forbid u have to readjust any of it because then that numbers drops realllyyyy quickly down because of adjust fees

Spoiler 2

Forgot about the -400m Riggs… And that the orca there is stuck in the system lmao… so yea well now we are at 4b Profit… long way to 9b my dude… :smiley:


Hell yeah, If i was able to do math and be and precise as you were then i would be most likely trading it in 0.0 where i would make more of a profit anyway. But thank you for the math lesson and the free Bump!

True you could move it to delve to make it less worth… NOW we are are 0b profit… Well fought sir… Please to not flag my comments Just free friendly bumps :heart:

Real No Sarcasm Advice , It is worth it to move it to Jita and sell but only for someone who cares about 4b for all the work. So eventually you find someone but not here in this forum would just list it Publicly <- That usually works far better most here just camp for Free isk and lowball :smiley:

Especially because Contract people have problems with math too and see a 7b difference and jump in a circle accepting it to early (Happend to me twice)

I Believe you! thank you

20 bill

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