WTS tobias' web

it is located in jita and ill sell it a bit below market prices so make me an offer.

Can offer 20 bil.

can offer 21b

considering that there is a buy order in jita for 22b and in the last month they have sold for 40b and 50b each ill keep waiting till it is closer to the 50s.

Given the AT is almost over and the prices would have been distorted due to that.

I will offer you 35b.



thanks for the insight into the price fluctuation but if it means getting another 12-15b more, i would rather wait till the next AT.

Sure, why not. I mean, if you don’t know how to make isk without the AT on then that’s a safe bet. Possibly.

Otherwise, the offer of 35b still stands.

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sure, ill make the contract for you.