WTS tobias' web

(ISK Fairy) #1

it is located in jita and ill sell it a bit below market prices so make me an offer.

(Diana Crow) #2

Can offer 20 bil.

(wangsunan) #3

can offer 21b

(ISK Fairy) #4

considering that there is a buy order in jita for 22b and in the last month they have sold for 40b and 50b each ill keep waiting till it is closer to the 50s.

(Arestes) #5

Given the AT is almost over and the prices would have been distorted due to that.

I will offer you 35b.



(ISK Fairy) #6

thanks for the insight into the price fluctuation but if it means getting another 12-15b more, i would rather wait till the next AT.

(Arestes) #7

Sure, why not. I mean, if you don’t know how to make isk without the AT on then that’s a safe bet. Possibly.

Otherwise, the offer of 35b still stands.

(ISK Fairy) #8

sure, ill make the contract for you.