Wts fitted dreads in minmatar space

Selling dread bomb fit dreads in Heimatar .

12 moroses ( https://evepraisal.com/a/x9a1j ) 2.5b
13 revelations . ( https://evepraisal.com/a/x9a22 ) 2.9b

Eveprisial gives wrong hull prices.
current hull prices are : moros / nag 2b . rev 2.4b

Entire cache price is : 67.7b

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100mill final offer

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contract me 3 revs if you want

I’ll offer you 25b for 10 x revs

Too low.

Daily bump

bump :slight_smile:

daily bump


can i have 3 moros + 3 rev for 15.7 b?

No.sorry. i’m selling them cheaper than they are right now on market already .

ok then contract for your regular price those 6


7 revelations and 9 moroses left for sale :slight_smile:

Bump .
9 moroses left for sale

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