WTS Five Ragnaroks - SOLD

(Zarianna) #1

Five Ragnaroks for sale @ 70Bn each.

Update: Four left

Two are in Maila.
Two are in Aunenen.

None have any mods or fuel.
All have T2 Shield Extender rigs.

(Zarianna) #2

still available

(Zarianna) #3

One has been sold, Four still available.

(Zarianna) #4

4x Ragnarok still available.

(Zarianna) #5

4 Ragnaroks still available.

(Zarianna) #6

Still available.

(Zarianna) #7

These are still available.

(Andrew Lomis) #8

Bump for my friend…

(Zarianna) #9

Four still available.

(TalkSmooth) #10

If you will do 68 then please contract 1 to me thanks.

(Zarianna) #12

I’ve been away a few days. I’ll PM you in-game.

There are still 2 Rags left, as 2 are pending sale now.

(Zarianna) #13

Four are still available, as the ones that were under contract were never claimed.

(Zarianna) #14

Four Rags still available.

(Zarianna) #15

3 Ragnaroks are left.

2 in Maila, 1 in Aunenen.

(very berry) #16

I would like to discuss the one in Aunenen let’s make a deal

(Zarianna) #17

Send me a mail in game and we can discuss.

Also, there are still 3 for sale.

(skynono) #18

will take one from Aune if you can make 65b.
contract to me

(Zarianna) #19

There are two Ragnaroks remaining, both are in Maila.

(Zarianna) #20

All Ragnaroks have been sold.

(system) #21

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