WTS Fleet Support (closed)

-> He is from 2009
-> 63 mill Skill Points
-> Used for Fleet Support (Logi) and Command Ship
-> He is in an NPC Corp and in Jita
-> b/o 20 bil


b/o is 30b

thank you Maple !
accepted please sent the isk to that toon, and i will start the transfer.

have your support scam ticket ready

Is this a scam?

why should it be? this isn´t.

ruining this deal and calling others scammer with absolutely no evidence is a very rude playstyle. shame. sended a complaint to communityteam@ccpgames.com

@ i lower b/o to 20 bil. if someone wants that toon :wink:

can extract skills and get more isk so assuming that’s it to good to be true bud, that would be the evidence

u made my day. didnt know that this works… i will do this that way …


yeah I worked it around 50 bils once fully extracted, you should send me a referral fee :stuck_out_tongue:

i will -) extracted all…

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