WTS Focused NYX pilot 31M

SP: 31M

G carrier V
M carrier IV
JDC almost V, only few days left.
Fighter V
With Nyx skin Glittering Dream

A full set of Mid-Amulet with 1005 located in RF-X7V

Skillpoint Link: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/most_s
PW: 1234

Start BId: 31B
Buyout: 34B


Can do 21b



25 bil


32B offer

feel free to contact me in game or kk,not always check forum

check ingame mail plz

wait for a minute, I am doing something else in another alt. I will check it very soon.

Okay, offer accept, which account you perfer to be tranferred to?

Isk sent. Please wait for me about 10 hours. I am deleting one of my characters under my account

Account name KingofRedHat. Transfer fee paid by me. Transfer started.

Character received.

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