WTS Focused Nyx/Thanatos Alt - JDC V, Gal Carrier V - 37m SP - SOLD

Positive Sec Status
No Kill rights
Character is in NPC Corp (ESI hasn’t updated)
No Jump Clones
+3 Implants
No Assets

32b buyout

30 bil

Thank you for your offer, I will consider it.

any considerations so far for my 30 bil offer?

Offer withdrawn.

26 bil isk ready

Still available, buyout updated

Bumping, still available

30 bil buy out offer !

I’ll let u know within 12 hours.

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Sorry for the late response, I will accept if your offer is still up.

Yes it’s still up , are you online now ?

Yes, I am available to take payment and initiate transfer

Isk and account info sent .

Isk received and character transfer initiated. Thank you!

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