WTS Focused pvp pilot with some cap skills

(Sychse Fallbaron Fallbaron) #1


I am for sale, http://eveboard.com/pilot/Sychse_Fallbaron_Fallbaron (Dont think there is a pw anymore but 1111 if there is.

42.9mil SP
PVP focused
Some cap skills, big potential for a dread/super alt
T2 All guns except large proj, some missiles
1 unused killright (10 days left on it)
Mostly armor focused but pretty even with shields
Positive wallet, docked in jita 4-4 in NPC corp, ALL ccp rules apply.

Starting bid 30b

(Nicklaus Klaus'nik) #2

looks like many skills extracted, please confirm - also, not in npc corp?

(Nicklaus Klaus'nik) #3

231 skills trained, for a total of 17,785,161 skillpoints.


(Phoebe Kerensky) #4

SP now down to 17m SP… whats going on with this character

(CCP Falcon) #5

Please read the rules on this forum before posting a sales auction.

Auction void, thread closed.

(CCP Falcon) #6