WTS focused scanning loki character 18m sp min/gal/SOE standing 7+

Lokis Australis
2 remaps available
positive wallet
positive security status
character is in Lantorn (lowsec)
virtue set
starting bid 12b
Minmatar standing 7.29
Gallente standing 7.34
Sisters of eve 7.42

9b bo

10b offer

B/O 13b

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hi , can we use plex to buy or just isk?

@Sanshal please review carefully Welcome to the Character Bazaar

11b bo today


I have 10b B/O today


The toon isnt worth 8 bil, also it cant fly the loki in the title. So technically you are false advertising, which I think violates the terms of Character Bazaar. Its 5.6 mil sp and no Loki. Just warning you one of the ISD’s might come stop you if you dont fix it.

He extracted Close please

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