WTS Focused Supercarrier Pilot

Selling myself: https://eveskillboard.com/password/Admiral_Chomp PW: 42069

Excellent skills, nearly 0 wasted SP. Currently skilled for Wyvern but it would be a fairly easy and quick train/injection into whatever super you like.

Positive wallet and sec status, currently in Jita.

Previous high bidder was a no-show so I am restarting this auction:

40b starting bid, .5b increments please and thank you.

32b buy-out offer. Good for 12 hours.

33B B/o





Auction will end in 24 hours from this post.

Iseemir wins with a bid of 40.5b

Send isk and the account name you wish the character transferred to and I will begin the process. Thanks for bidding!

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