WTS Focused T2 Core Rorqual, DST, and Freighter, Fast Transfer 17.5m


PW: 1234

Super clean employment history
Currently in NPC corp
Located in Jita
One jump clone in Jita with crap implants
Current clone has +4s
Has 3 remaps plus yearly remap.

Positive Wallet
Positive concord standings
No kill rights
I pay transfer fee (not by PLEX, so you get fast)
No assets with sale

No idea how much worth so will let it run a day or two but looking for a quicker sale.

need skillboard password

12B B/O

isk ready, im online in next 1 hour

13B offered

13.5B isk

14 bil

15B isk

17 b isk

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17.5B ?

18b isk

18.5B ?

19b isk

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22bil B/O

22,5 bil

Wow, that was fast. I am work, will close auction to highest once I get home (roughly 8-9 hours) from this post. Unless posted by highest bidder that they will be unavailable during that time frame, will expect isk and account name within 12 hours or will reopen.

@Tisha_Kurvora 22b seems about going price when I searched around toon forums so thank you for that offer. It’s not enough to make me stop sale outright though. Rather than just pretend I wasn’t watching post like most seem to do to give more bidders chance to out bid you, if you really want Sabrat I will stop accepting any further bids/offers for 24b b/o. Otherwise will accept your offer of 22b when I get home as mentioned above.

Will offer same b/o of 24b to anyone

I may offer 23 b/o

@Avallah 23b b/o accepted. Please send isk and account info.