WTS focused Vindicator armour Incursion pilot and skill farm

Wallet balance: 0
Security status: 5.0
Jump clones: 0
Location: Jita 4.4
Corp: NPC
Vindicator Kybernaut Clade
Obelisk Exoplanets Hunter

Starting price: 15 Billion
Buy out: None

Lots of missing support skills. Starting with 6b.

The character is worth far more in skill injectors alone, not even including implants and skins. It meets all requirements of an armour incursion vindicator with the more important skills to V. As well as being a fully self sufficient skill farm.

The starting price is what it says it is, thanks.

lil diccie It would cost 14B to inject that much SP, you price is ridiculous.

The character has 2.5b in implants, and 1.3b in skins.

Lol, So…

Thanks for the bump




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