WTS 45m Elite Gold Vindi Pilot for armor incursion

Elite Gold Vindi Pilot 45m SP - Hybrid Vindi - Hybrid Implant Set and 3xTraining Implants.
Player used to fly a lot of subcaps and caps, so it has a handful of injected skillbooks.

Positive Wallet
No killrights
Hybrid Vindi fit included + implants + 3 training implants



B/O 55b

you do not have any implants that would prompt you to sell 15 bil over the SP…

55 is the b/o, has a hybrid vindi plus its implants

if the implants are not injected in a clone, they don’t count same as the vindi.

do you have an offer to make or not ?

is the sale still available? i’d like to know the allocation of the 45m SP, could you pls list the skills you have learned?

sorry i missed the skillboard, and it’s a little different from what i’m expecting, thx all the same

character sales cannot include assets. you aren’t allowed to include a vindicator in the sale

they didn’t like that answer when i told them that.

25 bil offer

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