WTS Focussed Capital/Carrier Starter JDC5!

(Malharrion) #1

Not very good at the sales pitch so here is the vital info.

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Malharrion (pw:qwerty)

16.6mil sp focussed in Dronesfighter/tank and Capital navigation skills
Will have positive wallet on transfer.
Will have positive sec status on transfer.
Will be located in Amarr
1 Jump clone located in Nullsec
No kill rights
Ill pay the transfer fee

He has a heavily isk positive killboard so feel free to loose plenty of capitals and retain a positive ISK efficiency

Should provide a great start for anyone with capital aspirations.

Price: 16 billion isk

(Moruk Lap Lamiz) #2

14B isk Ready

(Kato Cyen) #3

ill meet your price.

evemail and ISK sent

(Malharrion) #4

Isk and account info received. Will set up transfer shortly.

(Malharrion) #5

Character transfer initiated,

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Malharrion

Will be completed after: 2/9/2018 5:21:11 PM

Enjoy :):smiley:

(system) #6

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