WTS Full Hel/Revelation Skilled Pilot. 75.9m SP

75,987,567 Skill Points!!! Hel Pilot


45m ISK balance.

No kill Rights


B/O 75b

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58b and i can pay this weekend

Starting bid is at 60b.

65b I am online now

Your bid is noted. Will give a few days for bidding to continue.

BUMPING: Current bid is at 65b @TTfly

@TTfly You bid will be accepted. IF a bid is placed before transaction is complete, then that HIGHER BID will be accepted. Please respond when you are available for transfer, otherwise, BIDDING will continue.

I now transfer ISK to that account

are you online?

I paid isk to your account

Sorry, it is the Holiday for us tomorrow so been busy. I have received the ISK please mail Gasher Gin IN GAME with the account i am to transfer the character to.

message sent

I didnt see a message to Gasher Gin, did you send it there or to Bellvy Gin?

Ok, character has been transferred, please respond here when you receive the character.

I have received character, and the transaction is happy

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