WTS Gallente Navy Blueprints

Comet, Maulus Navy, Imicus Navy - 5.6m
Catalyst Navy - 14.3m
Exequror Navy, Vexor Navy - 21.2m
Brutix Navy, Myrmydon Navy - 46m
Dominix Navy, Mega Navy - 110m

100m+ - Contract at any Federal Defense Union Station of choice
1bil+ - Free Jita delivery, plus 2.5% discount on LP rate
5bil+ - Free delivery to any highsec system with an unbroken highsec route, plus 5% discount on LP rate

Contact me here or ingame. Rates are non-negotiable, though I reserve the right to adjust them on my own accord at a future date.

Bump, first sale made, keep them coming.

bup for Seraph

Up, another sale made. Slightly tweaking prices to reflect current stocks and market trends.

To the top, still selling