WTS Gallenti Character 5.1M SP - lower price

Doris is a very good starter character, with good drone and gunnery skills. She is in a station in hi-sec.
She has a positive wallet; in a NPC corp; has two neural remaps available; and has no kill rights.
She has +3 implants 1-5 and 3% hard wirings 6-10.


I’m asking at least 4B.

All rules will be followed, and I will pay the transfer fee.

I am open in taking less. How about 3B?

I can do 3B

3B offer accepted.

Sorry for delay, in the hospital atm. Isk and account info is going to come from ‘Vandermark’ in game

Edit: Isk and account name sent. once again, sorry for the delay

I will start the transfer asap. Message sent in game.

Thank you.

Email received, Another player is transferring the character Doris Laur to your account named *****. Thank you

Paid transfer fee and received notice that “character transfer initiated”.

I think that’s all there’s to it, but there is a 10 hour waiting period. IIRC

Thanks again.

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