WTS - Good 5M SP Starter Toon / Worm, Algos and Trader

Can fly a good Worm for Abys, or Algos, along with low trade costs.

Good Trade, Drone and Desi, Frig Skills
Has access to Level 4 Amarr Navy Agent in Ordion, all other Amarr Navy at Level 3

Skills to V
Light Drone
Mining Drone
Gallente Frigate
Gallente Destroyer

Skills to IV
CPU, Mining, Reprocessing, Caldari Destroyer, Caldari Frigate
Accounting, Broker, Contracting, Retail
Drone Avionics, Ice Drone, Drone Interfacing, Drone Sharpshooting, Medium Droness,

In High Sec, Positive Wallet, No Kill Rights, NPC Corp, Remap available.

4B Buyout

4 bil

Offer Accepted.
Send ISK to this character and ACCOUNT Information, I will transfer ASAP.
I am on the EAST Coast of the USA and will be up for another hour or so.

If it’s too late, I’ll do it first thing in the morning.


isk and ACC info sent

Character transferred to account sent.


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