WTS good starter Tengu/Mission runner pilot 13+m sp

(Enoch Vicor) #1

Wts myself, good starter Tengu/PvP/Mission runner pilot.
NPC corp, HS, positive wallet and sec status.
Cybernetics V

13 B/o

(Treenewbee Ribbons) #2

how about 12B

(Enoch Vicor) #3

12.5 and you have a deal

(Treenewbee Ribbons) #4

Ok,Who do I need to transfer the isk to?

(Enoch Vicor) #5

this toon. And mail too

(Treenewbee Ribbons) #6

Sorry, not this account, I am changing an account to trade with you.

(Enoch Vicor) #7

it is ok. just send me mail with the account info.

(Treenewbee Ribbons) #8

OK ,wait

(Treenewbee Ribbons) #9

The email has been sent to you.

(Treenewbee Ribbons) #10

are you here?

(Enoch Vicor) #11

yep, sorry, checking…

(Enoch Vicor) #12

character transfer initiated

(system) closed #13

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