Wts gotan tracking en. h warp dis

(DraYcOFyRe) #1

Gotan’s Modified Heavy Warp Disruptor jita buy orders for 6.3 bill
Gotan’s Modified Tracking Enhancer jita buy orders for 3bil
taking offers in game through in game mail or my ch “DMAND”"

(DraYcOFyRe) #2

taking reasonable offers

(DraYcOFyRe) #3

still for sale

(DraYcOFyRe) #4

daily bump

(DraYcOFyRe) #5

still available n Serenity Fireslayer is a pathetic scammer

(DraYcOFyRe) #6

daily bump

(DraYcOFyRe) #7


(DraYcOFyRe) #8


(KiloAlpha) #9

ill give u 2 bill for the tracking enhancer

(system) #10

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