WTS Unit W-634's Modified Omidirectional Tracking Enhancer


Bump !

Open to offers

Having just been the victim of an attempted scam for this mod i will only trade via contract that I set up in JITA. It is a good mod that I wish i could keep for my own carrier but alas i cannot.

I contracted in jita at 15% below lowest available price on market

You haven’t even listed a price on here, your thread is kinda garbage sorry to say. This will be why you are not getting much attention. Put up a price it might get people more motivated to purchase this mod.

I listed on jita contract currently at 4.7 b under my main char Gr1mreaper. This is 15% below lowest sale order in Jita. Thanks for the advice

I should add that the char who tried to scam me was Serenity Fireslayer. He initially posted a trade then changed to price just before accept. Appologised then posted a trade where he gets the mod and a payment. Suggest this guy is put on your ignore list.

Item is still available

Willing to negotiate

Whats your best offer? couple of these sold 2 weeks ago for 3.5b in Jita

are you prepared to offer that?

I’ll buy it for 3.6 if u contract it to me I’ll accept once I get home from work.

Done and thankyou. The contrcat will be in Jita from my main Gr1mreaper and I will make it out to you.

mod is up and contracted to you

Yeah thanks you I see it on my phone have just been very busy at work I will be home in about an hour, I will accept it then. Sorry for the delay

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