WTS Unit F- Omnidirectional Tracking Link

(Elena Tigren) #1

Its located in Jita
Im recieving offers, write here or send me an ingame mail.

(Elena Tigren) #2

Still for sale ^^

(Elena Tigren) #3

Still wants to get sold

(Ivana Voce) #4

Have a price in mind?

(Elena Tigren) #5

3.8 bil negotiable, they sell in jita for this price but you have to wait a long time for it to sell, other threads on this sub sell them for between 3.5 (rarely) and 4.

Edit: Dunno if that pushes the price for you but i stole it with a blue alt from a russian belt ratting bot xD

(Elena Tigren) #6

still for sale

(Elena Tigren) #7

Still for sale, price is negotiable^^

(Elena Tigren) #8

Still for Sale

(Elena Tigren) #9

still for sale

(Elena Tigren) #10

Still for sale

(Elena Tigren) #11

still for sale^^

(Opus's Slave) #12

2.7b, check recent prices in Jita

(Elena Tigren) #13

2.8 and you can have it

(Opus's Slave) #14

2.75 cash-in-hand

(Elena Tigren) #15

ill make a contract^^

(Tiddle Jr) #16

lOl u rejected my 3.0b offer being so greedy and now bite for 2.75

Well done Opus :sunglasses:

(Elena Tigren) #17

Im using this account to selling this but its from a friend and he told me to accept the offer cause he needs money atm xD i told him that he should have just accepted the offer way back we also got another offer for 3.2 but he just declined that aswell :confused:

(system) #18

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