WTS Nyx (T2 Trimarks)

21B. Minmatar lowsec POS. Comes with full fuel bay as well.

16b and we have a deal

18 billion and you can buy it tonight

Can it be moved into a station?

Like, NPC station or asset safetied?

It’s not in direct range of any keepstars. I would prefer that the buyer handles moving it as they please.

If yes I will take it for 18 bil

if you do move into keep, send me contract for 22b

What is your in game name?

I have no plans to do this, but if I end up doing it, it is yours for 22b.

great, gl

You can contact me on this char.

Are you in game? Can you accept convo?

At work right now, sorry

I will send you an evemail

How are you gonna sell it if its in a pos?

The same way people did it for 15 years lol

Wasnt there then. Reason for why I am asking.

I give you the pos password to fly in with your pod, you pay half, I get out and then you get in, you pay the other half and be on your way. I also have a middleman we can use if you are not comfortable with this arrangement.

Just to be clear, this is an easy way to get scammed.

Back in the day people used to use Chribba or Darkness to 3rd party these deals and allow a secure transaction.