WTS Nyx (Sold)

Was Sold, thx for the offers

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Nyx is still on Contract in Maila. Get your Flying Pancake Today!

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Still for Sale, Reasonable offers will be considered

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Still up and waiting for a new Owner.

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Nyx still looking for a new owner

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10b :see_no_evil:

Thx for the Offer I guess, but that is a bit very low.

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Friendly bump and nothing else

Still looking for new owner, Price reduced to 18b, if you want the contract message me

Only 18b and a Flying Pancake with t2 rigs can be yours!

Still for Sale

Nyx still for Sale in Maila. Open to offers, reply here or send a Ingame Mail.

Still for Sale in Maila.


17.5b and you got a deal

17.5 ISK ready, private contract pls :slight_smile:

Funny :stuck_out_tongue: Well if you want it for 17.5b sure, if 17.5 isk nope

whoops! 17.5 Billion of the ISKs :smiley:

So is that a Yes pls Contract or a ohh now I Get what you meant? Sry not quite certain :smiley:

I have 17,500,000,000 ISK and would like a contract, sorry if unclear lol