WTS Great Starter Character or Alt w/13.6 Million SP ***SOLD***

Miles Marcel (Great Name!!!) born 2015 is ready to go any direction you want to take him. Kick off your EVE adventure with a clean slate!!!

  • No kills or losses!
  • No Kill Rights!
  • Positive wallet & Security Status!
  • 214 Skills injected and ready to train!
  • Over 13.6 Million Skill Points with most core skills at LV 5!
  • 1 Remap & 2 Bonus Remaps available!
  • Comes with High-Grade Talisman Implant set!
  • 2 Jump clones available for installation in Station of your choice!
  • Located in Jita


I would like 11B isk B/O for this character. Make an offer today!

Bump it up

I offer 9b. It’s a good price, isn’t it?

Can you do 10b?

I think 9b is already a very good price, isn’t it?

9.5b? I’m trying to be reasonable and work with you, I really am. I’ve seen worse characters sell for crazy isk. Take a good look at all the skills that are injected and ready to train on top of the clean record, and core skills already trained. Isn’t he worth 9.5b?

Can you transfer now?

Can you reply to me as soon as possible?

I can transfer as soon as I receive your isk and account info. I will be going to bed soon if I don’t hear from you quickly we can try again later.

I have sent you the fund and acceptance account information. Please check it.

Isk received and character transfer initiated. Thank you VueJs! Enjoy!

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