WTS - Hakim's BCU - SOLD

Pulled an old can, dusted it and found me a gem.

Selling 1 Hakim’s BCU.
In Jita 4-4

3,75b and it’s yours.

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Open for offers

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Give me An offer I cant refuse!

Will be on vacation with very limited online time. PM me if intrested

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Going to the top

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2b for it

Thanks for your offer. But buy-orders in Jita are at 2b. I would have used Quicksell.

Back from vacation

Scam attempt lolz

I have been here over a decade. You can accept a contract, even when your Alpha. You dont need a trade window.

And if You have 5 contracts up, You are Omega…

Next please!

Going up!

I’ll offer 2.5b

Looking for a bit more, lowered asking price

I’ll bump to 3b :slight_smile:

Setting up contract, i’m done with this mod :laughing:

Contract accepted, thank you kindly o7